VIDEO: ‘5 PDC players to watch in 2015’

Please check out the first vlog on my site. Based on the recent UK Open and the latter stages of 2014, I assess five lower-ranked players who could make a big impact on the PDC tour this year.

Do you agree with my choices? Who are your PDC players to watch in 2015? Please let me know your thoughts by commenting underneath the post! Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. I think these players will also have a good year: Jelle Klaasen, Kyle Anderson, Jan Dekker, Cristo Reyes and Max Hopp.

    1. Excellent shouts mate. Klaasen is a top player which is why I didn’t include him, but out of those 4, I think Kyle Anderson and Max Hopp will do very well. Anderson beat MvG and hit a 9 darter in Barnsley last week, so he’s playing well!

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