Kyle Anderson Exclusive Q/A: “My form I would say is good; I can’t really complain!”

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC


Nickname: The Original
Age: 27
Nationality: Australian
Favourite Double: D16
Current PDC Ranking: 46th
Pro Tour Ranking: 33rd
Career 9-darters: 4

Kyle Anderson is a man firmly on the rise in the PDC. He has always possessed incredible natural ability; illustrated by his memorable 9-darter against Ian White in the first round of the 2014 World Championships.

After breezing through Q-School in 2014, earning him a two-year PDC tour card, he signed a major sponsorship deal with Unicorn in March 2014. He competed well on the Pro Tour, but his most notable run came in the Sydney Darts Masters. Anderson reversed a 3-0 deficit to edge out Raymond van Barneveld 6-5 in Round One, before comprehensively beating Simon Whitlock 8-3.

Kyle gained retribution for his 2013 World Championship defeat to Steve Beaton at Ally Pally in December, whitewashing the Bronzed Adonis 3-0. Although he suffered a 4-2 defeat to Andy Hamilton in Round Two; he entered the top 64 of the Order of Merit for the first time in his PDC Career and the Australian hasn’t looked back since.

He performed superbly well in his UK Open Qualification campaign, before losing 9-8 to Mervyn King in the last 16 at Minehead. He has delivered some incredible performances on tour this year, beating Michael van Gerwen 6-5, whilst also recording the highest average in darts history; 134.84 in a 6-1 rout of Terry Jenkins in Barnsley. His run to the quarter-finals of the Dutch Darts Masters last month has put him in contention of claiming a World Matchplay place, if he performs well at Wigan this coming weekend.

In this exclusive Q/A interview, Kyle discusses how his form has been affected by his relocation to the UK and his ambitions for the remainder of 2015. The enigmatic Australian also reminisces about his most memorable moments in the PDC and has huge praise for his sponsors Unicorn…

Josh Gorton: Hi Kyle; how would you assess your form in 2015 thus far?

Kyle Anderson: My form I would say is good; there’s still a bit to dust off, but I can’t really complain about where I’m sitting!

JG: You moved to the UK this year, so that you could compete full-time on the PDC Pro Tour. How difficult has it been with your family living in Australia, and how has your form been impacted by your move?

KA: I moved to the UK in February 2014 with my fiancé and our son and we stayed through to August. Unfortunately it didn’t work out with us all being here and my wife felt really homesick and wanted to go home.

Difficult is an understatement! There was a time when I was looking at packing up and leaving. I used to play like I have back home, but not on a regular basis. I have come here and it’s a job, so it has to change and I think confidence does help out a lot.

JG: If you had to pick one memorable moment from your career so far, what would it be and why?

KA: Qualifying from Q-School…. Just because it was a momentous thing; not just for me but Australia. I was the first Australian to qualify through  Q-School and it was a daunting exercise completed I say!

JG: Who have been the biggest influences on your career and why?

KA: My father and my brother. My Dad taught me the game! This is going to make them both cry, but I wanted to be just like them both; as a kid watching both Dad and Beau play, I always thought; I’d like to do that!

So, I trialled for the West Australian youth team and made it in alongside Beau, and the rest is history! I really do owe them both an awful lot; not only just for the lessons and practice, but the life lessons on the board.

JG: What has been your best/most satisfying victory in your PDC career and why?

KA: I’d say the match against Steve Beaton at last year’s World Championships.  Not because people say it was a revenge win though; it was more a relief to get past the first round. Before the match I was a wreck, but I got into a groove and got through.

JG: You set an unofficial PDC record in April this year, when you averaged 134.84 in beating Terry Jenkins 6-1 in a Pro Tour event. How aware were you of just how well you were playing?

KA: I honestly didn’t know it was that big! Terry came up to me afterwards and said: “Well played son, that’s the best someone has played against me in 30 years of playing the game.”  I honestly thought it was maybe 100+, but he says my average was 134, and shook my hand.

JG: You’ll be competing in the Perth Darts Masters in August. How do you feel about having the opportunity to compete with the world’s elite in your home country?

KA: It’s just another game for me. Though it’s in my home state as well, so a lot of family and friends will be there. I just want to put on a good performance and pretty much say thank-you for the support from my home community.

JG: You have been with Unicorn for 15 months now. How important have they been in your development?

KA: They have been a very big help; within a day or two of asking for gear it’s at my front door. They are easy to approach about getting gear and are very supportive. Matt, Richard and Edward; Thank-you!

JG: What has been the toughest match of your darting career and why?

KA: My first match against Steve (Beaton) at the 2013 World Championships. I was very inexperienced and didn’t know how I was going to play. Maybe more, I didn’t want to disappoint my family back home.

JG: You’re still in with a chance of qualifying for the World Matchplay next month.  How desperate are you to compete at the Winter Gardens?

KA: I can’t say it’s desperate; it’s in my hands and I’ve just got to do it in Wigan. I’d love to qualify, just to get a shot at the Matchplay, because the legs format is better than sets I think. I’m hoping to experience all the PDC stages!

JG: Will you continue to compete on the PDC circuit full-time in 2016?

KA: It is a possibility; it’s just a matter of what happens during the year. I’m a family man first though, so let’s just see what happens.

JG: What targets have you set yourself for the remainder of 2015?

KA: World Championship qualification. That’s pretty much the main priority at the moment, as a good run in that tournament is career-making!

JG: Brilliant; Thanks for your time, Kyle!

KA: No problem bud!

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