Taylor Under Fire From The Sun’s Allegations

Taylor critics should remember there’s two sides to every story….

Phil Taylor’s personal life has come under major scrutiny today, following allegations published in the Sun Newspaper regarding his estranged relationship with daughters Kelly, 26, and Natalie, 22.

Taylor’s two youngest daughters claim that the 16-time World Champion essentially ‘cut them off’ after his split from his wife Yvonne, in 2011, claiming: “We are dead to him.”

Nevertheless, the article states that Taylor still maintains a strong relationship with son Christopher, aged 30, and elder sister, Lisa, 32 and provides them both with financial support.

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Kelly is currently situated in a hostel in Staffordshire and claims she is ‘living in fear’, surrounded by prostitutes and drug addicts. Meanwhile, Natalie is based in a council house and is pregnant with her fourth child. Both are currently on benefits.

Taylor reportedly attempted to take out an injunction on the Sun, preventing them from publishing the interview. The 54-year-old maintained that Kelly and Natalie were invading his privacy by publishing intimate personal details into the public domain. However, High Court judge Mrs Justice Elizabeth Laing refuted Taylor’s pleas and awarded the Sun legal costs.

Taylor has endured a tumultuous year from a personal perspective, following the tragic passing of his mother in January, whilst also currently undergoing a divorce from Yvonne.  The pair initially split in 2011, but briefly reconciled in 2013, only for their relationship to culminate shortly afterwards.

Taylor spoke briefly about his marital split in October last year and was candid in expressing the upset caused by their separation. “It’s awful and I’m still sad,” he says. “For me, marriage is for life and it doesn’t seem right.”

This latest furore will provide an extremely unwelcome distraction for the Power, who will attempt to win his eighth successive World Matchplay title at the Winter Garden later this month.

I am reluctant to form an outspoken judgement on the legitimacy of these claims, because I have limited knowledge of their personal circumstances. However, I feel some of the accusations and criticism Taylor is receiving are somewhat premature and unjustified.

His daughters don’t have divine entitlement to his riches and at the ages of 22 and 26 respectively, they are capable of being independent and earning their own money.

Taylor has often referenced the importance of instilling good ‘work ethic’ in his children, which perhaps explains his reluctance to provide them with financial aid, if he feels their predicaments are self-inflicted. But perhaps this is merely a cry for help from his daughters, who simply want to re-establish a tangible relationship with their father?

The Sun claimed that they contacted Taylor’s spokesperson for a response and whilst Phil remains aware of his daughter’s positions, he declined to comment further. At the present juncture, the fundamental reasons for the breakdown in their relationship remains unknown, so until this becomes apparent; it’s worth remembering that there are two sides to every story.

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