2016 PDC Q-School entries confirmed!

Former World finalists Peter Manley, Mark Dudbridge and Kirk Shepherd, as well as former BDO world number 3 Jeffrey De Graaf, will be among the field of 400 players competing to secure a PDC tour card at Q-School; after the full list of entries were confirmed on Monday evening.

The four day event, which takes place at the Robin Park Tennis Centre in Wigan from January 13th-16th, offers 16 automatic two-year tour cards, with the final four players remaining on each day securing a card.

Ranking points are awarded throughout the four days based on the overall finishing positions, and further tour cards are subsequently awarded based on the final standings on the Q-School Order of Merit.

Players who secure a tour card will be eligible to compete in all Players Championship events throughout the year. They will also be able to participate in UK Open qualifiers and European Tour qualifiers, with the potential incentive of qualifying for major TV events.

However, players who fail to secure a tour card will still be permitted to enter UK Open qualifiers, European Tour qualifiers and the PDPA World Championship qualifier.

They will also have the opportunity to compete on the PDC Challenge Tour, and may be able to enter certain Players Championship events, if and when some of the 128 Tour card holders opt not to enter.

Peter Manley, a two-time World Championship finalist and former Las Vegas Desert Classic winner, is one of the biggest names vying for a coveted tour card.

Manley, nicknamed ‘One Dart’, last held a tour card in 2011, but remains a key part of the PDC set-up, as the chairman of the Professional Darts Players Association. Yet, he still retains a burning desire to return to the professional circuit.

Mark Dudbridge, who was beaten in the 2005 World Championship Final by Phil Taylor, has endured a disappointing run of form on the Pro Tour over the last 18 months, which has seen him fall out of the world’s top 64. Despite this, ‘Flash’ will be aiming to make an instant return to the circuit by securing a tour-card at Wigan.

Kirk Shepherd, who was a shock finalist in the 2008 World Championships, will be looking to reclaim his card. He failed in a bid to secure a tour card twelve months ago, instead competing on the PDC Challenge tour. He enjoyed decent success, winning one event in March, whilst reaching another final in September.

Colin Osborne, a 2009 UK Open finalist and a former Championship League of Darts winner, is also vying to return to the circuit.  Osborne made his last televised appearance at the 2014 World Championships, but the Teessider is determined to return to the big-time.

Mark Walsh and Barrie Bates, both of whom are also former UK Open finalists, will both be present at the Robin Park Tennis Centre this week. Walsh, the winner of 10 PDC ranking events, has suffered a significant dip in form, having been ranked in the top 20 just three years ago.

Bates meanwhile, has been plagued by injury problems for almost a decade. The popular Welshman, who was beaten in the 2006 UK Open final by Raymond van Barneveld, suffers with arthritis in both his hand and his leg, but continues to battle away regardless.

Former World-Youth champions James Hubbard and Arron Monk, who both secured their respective titles by beating Michael van Gerwen in the final, will also be present in Wigan and aiming to regain their tour cards.

The majority of preliminary qualifiers from this year’s PDC World Championships will be fighting it out for a regular spot on the circuit. Thanawat Gaweenuntawong, Mick McGowan, Per Laursen, Michael Rasztovitz, Warrick Scheffer, John Michael, Sven Groen and Michael Rasztovits will all compete at Wigan in the coming days.

Additionally, Rene Eidams, who took Michael van Gerwen to a deciding set tiebreak in the first-round at Ally Pally, is also present on the list of Q-School entrants. ‘The Cube’ was a relative unknown heading into the World Championships, but his performance against MvG was one of the stories of the tournament.

One youngster to look out for over the coming days at Q-School is 17-year-old Declan Salter. Salter represents Suffolk at county level, and he’ll be participating on the PDC Development tour in 2016.

Nevertheless, former world number 1 Colin Lloyd will not be competing at Q-School. Lloyd, a former World Matchplay and World Grand-Prix winner, has slipped to 121st on the Order of Merit, having not competed in a TV major since the 2014 World Championships. ‘Jaws’ opted to withdraw his entry, after appearing on the provisional list.

Elsewhere, Egypt’s Mohamed Gharieb will not be present at Q-School. Gharieb harboured aspirations of becoming the first Egyptian representative to play in the PDC, and still remains on the list of 400 participants. However, he was unable to secure a VISA, so his hopes of competing on the PDC circuit are on hold for another twelve months at least.

The most high-profile BDO switcher is young Dutchman Jeffrey de Graaf. The 25-year-old from Schagen was seeded 3rd for the BDO World Championships, but he suffered a surprise first-round exit against his compatriot and eventual semi-finalist Richard Veenstra.

De Graaf enjoyed a fruitful 2015, winning the Belgium Open, the Denmark Masters and German Open. He also reached his first major BDO final, losing in a last-leg decider to Geert de Vos in the World Trophy last March.

De Graaf will be joined at Q-School by his compatriot Ryan de Vreede, who also competed in this year’s BDO World Championships at the Lakeside.

De Vreede enjoyed a six year stint in the PDC from 2009-2015, and made his PDC World Championship debut against Dave Chisnall twelve months ago, where he was beaten in straight sets.

De Vreede was seeded 16th at Frimley Green last week, but he was beaten 3-2 in the first-round by former World Matchplay Champion and 2015 World Masters finalist, Larry Butler.

Michel van der Horst and Mark Oosterhuis, who were the two BDO Dutch qualifiers for last November’s Grand Slam of Darts, have also opted to make the switch and enter Q-School.

Elsewhere, Joshua Richardson, who was crowned BDO World Youth Champion at the Lakeside last Thursday, will also be competing at Q-School. The 17-year-old, who defeated 16-year-old Irishman Jordan Boyce 3-2 to clinch the title, will be competing alongside his father,  James ‘Ruthless’ Richardson, for a tour card.

Despite this, BDO World Number 1 Glen Durrant, and former Lakeside World Champion Scott Mitchell, have both opted to remain with the British Darts Organisation.

There had been mounting speculation that Durrant would depart to the PDC if he failed to win the BDO World Championships, and these rumours simply intensified following his 5-4 defeat to Scott Waites in the quarter-finals.

However, any talk of Durrant switching to the PDC was dispelled by an official statement released by the BDO over the weekend, confirming that ‘Duzza’ would remain loyal to the BDO, as they look ahead to a ‘new era’, consisting of more major tournaments from 2016 onwards.

Mitchell was also the subject of media conjecture surrounding his future. When asked about his plans on twitter after his quarter-final exit to Richard Veenstra, he admitted: “I’ve got some thinking to do over the next two days.”

However, in an exclusive interview with the Bournemouth Echo last weekend, Mitchell stated: “I’ve been at the BDO for years and with potentially a few new tournaments round the corner, I’d be a fool to jump now.”

The full list of Q-School entrants can be found below, and Josh’s Dartistry will be providing comprehensive updates from across the four days of competition in Wigan.

PDC Q-School entrants:

Adams, Ben

Adshead, David

Alcinas, Antonio

Ata, Duvaan

Atkinson, Steve

Atwill, Ron

Atwood, Wayne

Ayres, Daniel

Baillie, Richard

Bain, Jamie

Balbach, Raymond

Bambrick, Kevin

Barham, Paul

Barilli, Mark

Barnard, Michael

Barnes, Hayden

Bates, Barrie

Batham, Jeff

Baxter, Mark

Baynham, Michael

Beal, Michael

Beard, Greg

Beekhuis, Jeffrey

Bekema, Jeffrey

Bettney, Paul

Birch, Nigel

Blackwood, Gary

Blake, Michael

Bober, Christian

Boeg, Nigel

Borland, William

Boucher, Richard

Bowers, Stephen

Bowles, John

Boyle, Paul

Bradshaw, Justin

Bramall, Ken

Brammeld, John

Brand, Derek

Branton, Jamie

Breakspear, Mark

Breeze, Craig

Broton, Justin

Brown, Anthony

Brown, Darren

Brown, Darron

Brown, Ernie

Brown, Steve

Burgoine, Michael

Burkhill, Trevor

Burrows, Paul

Burt, Simon

Butkeraitis, Stephen

Calvert, Richard

Campbell, Ray

Candlish, Allan

Carr, Paul

Cassidy, Simon

Ceglowski, Bartosz

Chalkley, John

Chubb, Alex

Clark, Matt

Claydon, Brett

Claydon, Darrell

Clements, Joshua

Cole, Tony

Collin, Adam

Cooper, Paul

Copley, David

Court, John

Cracknell, Lewis

Creed, Terry

Croft, Joe

Crossley, John

Crossley, Wayne

Cusworth, Lee

Dale, Christopher

Dale, Scott

Daniels, Nigel

Darbyshire, Scott

Davies, Ben

Dawson, Michael

de Graaf, Jeffrey

de Vreede, Ryan

Dennant, Matthew

Devine, Kiernan

Dewsbury, Marc

Dimmock, Lee

Dodds, David

Dootson, Eddie

Dowling, Kevin

Dudbridge, Mark

Duo, Dylan

Dyer, Danny

Dyos, Pete

Edhouse, Ritchie

Eguchi, Yuji

Eidams, Rene

Ellam, Jamie

Ellis, Nicholas

Evans, Cory-Lee

Evans, David

Evans, Kieran

Evans, Lee

Evans, Steve

Evetts, Ted

Evison, Peter

Fairhurst, BJ

Fairweather, Arron

Fatum, David

Fitzpatrick, Glenn

Foreman, Jay

Forman, Mark

Forrington, Karl

Fowler, Colin

Fullwell, Nick

Furlani, Michel

Gallimore, Stephen

Ganz, Michael

Garcia, Kevin

Gaweenuntawong, Thanawat

Gemmell, Jamie

Georgiou, Marios

Gewalt, Swen

Gharieb, Mohamed

Gibson, John

Glover, John

Godfrey, Daniel

Golding, Matthew

Goodwin, Paul

Gotthardt, Kai

Gow, Stephen

Griffin, Rhys

Grimble, Martin

Groen, Sven

Guest, Sam

Guilfoyle, Jamie

Ha, Shouichi

Hagan, Sheamus

Hajdar, James

Hajimina, Andreas

Hall, Anthony

Hamilton, Sam

Harding, Stuart

Harrington, Dan

Harrington, Ryan

Harrison, Michael

Hart, Kelvin

Hartrey, Chris

Harvey, Shane

Hasse, Mick

Hayden, Rhys

Hayes, Matthew

Head, Sam

Hendriks, Jerry

Hendriks, Leo

Herz, Fabian

Hill, Chris

Hill, Jack

Hine, Steve

Hingston, Jamie

Hofmann, Jörg

Holgate, Ashley

Holmes, Billy

Holroyd, Rob

Honey, Dave

Honey Jr, Dave

Hosey, Richard

Howson, Richie

Hubbard, James

Huckvale, Adam

Hudson, Peter

Humphrey, Thom

Hunt, Adam

Hussain, Atif

Hutchings, Andy

Hykin, Ashley

Hylton, Mark

Hyslop, Ewan

Illidge, Garath

Imbs, Dariusz

Jackson, Campbell

Jackson, Rhys

Jamieson, David

Johnson, Andrew

Johnson, Sean

Johnston, Dave

Johnston, Jordan

Jones, Nick

Jukes, Jon

Kamphuis, Vincent

Kantele, Marko

Kelling, Jamie

Kenny, Lee

Kerwick, James

Kingdon, Steve

Kirk, Aden

Knowles, Martin

Kornath, Karsten

Ladley, David

Lamb, Nigel

Landon, Jamie

Lane, Kevin

Latham, Darren

Laursen, Per

Lawrence, Mark

Lawson, George

Lee, Daniel

Legius, Tommy

Lerchbacher, Zoran

Lever, Ian

Lewis, Craig

Lieber, John

Lightfoot, Robert

Limer, Stephen

Littlecott, Colin

Loose, Callum

Lopez, Antony

Lovett, Shaun Michael

Lukeman, Martin

Mackay, Callum

Maes, Rocco

Malone, Michael

Manley, Peter

Marijanovic, Robert

Marriott, Jason

Marson, David

Marson, Les

Martin, Peter

Matthews, Jordan

Mawer, Darren

McAllister, Andrew

McGowan, Mick

McHenry, Norman

McKenzie, Rob

McTernan, Christopher

Meeuwisse, Yordi

Meikle, Ryan

Merchant, Karl

Meulenkamp, Ron

Michael, John

Michels, Mareno

Middleton, Krit

Millar, Stuart

Mitchell, Peter

Moar, Ian

Modra, Rob

Moffat, Lee

Monk, Arron

Moore, Keith

Moorhouse, Carl

Morley, Kevin

Moss, Dean

Moss, Ian

Murphy, Jay

Murray, Paul

Nagi, Coni Singh

Nakanishi, Eikichi

Nastula, Tomasz

Newell, Tony

Newland, John

North, Richard

Norton, Mike

Oak, Tony

Oosterhuis, Mark

Osborne, Colin

Osmotherley, Paul

Owen, Robert

Padgett, Matt

Palfreyman, Joey

Palmer, Ryan

Parody, Dyson

Parry, Kurt

Parsons, Andy

Patterson, Jordan

Peach, Danny

Pearson, Michael

Pearson, Steven

Pennington, Sam

Perkins, Steve

Pierce, Robert

Pinhorne, Danny

Place, Darren

Place, David

Poole, Jonathan

Portela, Diogo

Porter, John

Power, John

Power, Michael

Preston, Simon

Quantock, Chris

Quinn, Thomas

Rabadia, Rohit

Randall, Steve

Randell, Tony

Rasztovits, Michael

Read, Dan

Reidy, Shane

Reinecke, Lars

Richardson, James

Richardson, Joshua

Rickwood, Robert

Riihonen, Par

Rimmer, Ross

Roach, Terry

Robinson, Harry

Rodriguez, Carlos

Rodriguez, Roxy-James

Roith, Bernd

Rooney, Keith

Rowley, Paul

Ryan, Sean

Salter, Declan

Scheffer, Warrick

Schouten, Ron

Scrivens, Roger

Seyler, Tomas

Shepherd, Kirk

Sheppard, Vernon

Shewan, Lee

Short, Ryan

Siddle, Paul

Simm, Kevin

Simpson, Ben

Simpson, David

Smith, Damian

Smith, Daniel

Smith, Daniel Paul

Smith, Dennis

Smith, James

Smith, Phil

Smith, Ross

Smith, Simon

Smith, Steve

Smith, Steven

Smith-Neale, Adam

Spedding, Garry

Starkey, Daniel

Stephenson, Mark

Stevens, Aaron

Stevenson, Evander

Stevenson, Simon

Stone, Gary

Stubbs, Stuart

Sudale, Ricky

Sullivan, Ciarán

Suzuki, Kentaro

Symes, Mike

Tarry, Jason

Taylor, Scott

Temple, Terry

ten Berge, Joey

Thomas, Gareth

Thomas, Kevin

Thomas, Martin

Thompson, Robert

Thompson, Sam

Thorne, Mark

Todd, Jack

Todd, Mick

Townsend, Robert

Turner, Martyn

Turner, Steve

Turpin, Robert

Twyford, Matthew

Tyler, Barry

Tym, Barry

Uxa, Michael

van de Ven, Jeffrey

van der Horst, Michel

van Dijk, Dick

Vilerio Rodriguez, Manuel

Walford, Peter

Walsh, Mark

Walsh, Richie

Walsh, Vernon

Walters, Ian

Ward, Ben

Ward, Harry

Watts, Lee

Weaver, Darren

Wehder, Marvin

Welding, James

White, Eddie

Whitworth, Lee

Wike, Arron

Wilkinson, Alan

Williams, Bradley

Williams, Ricky

Williams, Trevor

Wilson, David

Wilson, Mark

Withers, Ian

Wood, Andrew

Woodhouse, Luke

Woods, Brian

Worsley, Jonathan

Yamada, Yuki

York, Michael

Young, James

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