Premier League Darts- The statistics so far!

Premier League Darts
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Michael Smith and Dave Chisnall suffered elimination from the 2016 Premier League on Judgement Night in Cardiff last week, as the competition reached the half-way mark. Josh’s Dartistry takes this opportunity to assess the statistics from this year’s event, to see whether or not they reflect the current league standings.

Current League Table

After Judgement Night P W D L +/- LWAT Pts
Phil Taylor 9 6 2 1 +21 20 14
Michael van Gerwen 9 5 3 1 +20 23 13
Gary Anderson 9 6 1 2 +12 18 13
Adrian Lewis 9 6 0 3 +8 21 12
James Wade 9 5 1 3 +3 18 11
Peter Wright 9 4 2 3 +1 15 10
Raymond van Barneveld 9 3 1 5 -2 18 7
Robert Thornton 9 1 2 6 -23 6 4
Dave Chisnall (E) 9 1 1 7 -14 17 3
Michael Smith (E) 9 1 1 7 -26 15 3

Tournament Averages:

  1. Michael van Gerwen- 108.96
  2. Phil Taylor- 103.37
  3. Peter Wright- 100.88
  4. Gary Anderson- 100.12
  5. Raymond van Barneveld- 99.62
  6. James Wade- 98.58
  7. Dave Chisnall- 98.44
  8. Adrian Lewis- 98.27
  9. Michael Smith- 91.40
  10. Robert Thornton- 90.45

Michael Smith and Robert Thornton posted the lowest tournament averages by quite a considerable distance. They averaged 7 and 8 points less than Adrian Lewis, who currently occupies fourth place in the Premier League table. Yet ironically, Dave Chisnall, who averaged marginally higher than play-off chaser Lewis, was relegated on Judgement Night.

Michael van Gerwen is on course to post the highest ever tournament average in Premier League history, after posting averages of 123.40, 116.67 and 113.47 in weeks four, five and six respectively. Phil Taylor also boasts an impressive tournament average of over 103, whilst Peter Wright and Raymond van Barneveld have both performed better than their respective league positions indicate.

Checkout %

  1. Michael van Gerwen- 52.29%
  2. Phil Taylor- 48.28%
  3. Peter Wright- 43.86
  4. James Wade- 41.80%
  5. Adrian Lewis- 41.46%
  6. Raymond van Barneveld- 41.32%
  7. Gary Anderson- 38.46%
  8. Robert Thornton- 37.50%
  9. Michael Smith- 37.36%
  10. Dave Chisnall- 35.96

The checkout percentages are largely reflective of the current standings. Michael van Gerwen is the only player to boast over 50% on the doubles, whilst Phil Taylor trails just behind MvG on 48%. Peter Wright, James Wade, Adrian Lewis and Raymond van Barneveld also have reasonably healthy checkout percentages in excess of 40%.

The league’s bottom three all have the lowest checkout percentages, and Chisnall and Smith, who were eliminated last Thursday, both trail Thornton in this regard, which illustrates just how crucial the double-hitting has been in this year’s tournament. Perhaps surprisingly, third place Gary Anderson is 7th in terms of his doubling, with 38.46%.

Number of Ton-Plus Checkouts:

  1. Raymond van Barneveld & James Wade- 11
  2. Phil Taylor & Michael van Gerwen- 9
  3. Dave Chisnall & Peter Wright -6
  4. Gary Anderson & Michael Smith- 5
  5. Robert Thornton- 4
  6. Adrian Lewis- 3

Raymond van Barneveld and James Wade have been the ton-plus checkout specialists so far this season and it’s no real surprise. Van Barneveld hit an incredible number of ton-plus finishes in last year’s World Championship, whilst James Wade is notorious for being one of the most clinical finishers in the game.

Phil Taylor and Michael van Gerwen have both hit nine ton-plus finishes each, and Van Gerwen remains the only player to have hit the maximum 170 checkout this term. Dave Chisnall and Michael Smith finished strongly in terms of their combination checkouts, but their problems arose when they had three darts in hand at a double.

Robert Thornton has hit just four 100+ finishes in this year’s competition, whilst Jackpot brings up the rear in this regard, having hit just three ton-plus finishes in the entire tournament. Yet despite this, Adrian still boasts the fifth best checkout percentage, so his clutch-doubling has been an impressive feature of his game.


  1. Dave Chisnall- 37
  2. Michael van Gerwen- 35
  3. Gary Anderson- 32
  4. Phil Taylor & Peter Wright- 30
  5. Adrian Lewis- 29
  6. Raymond van Barneveld- 28
  7. James Wade & Michael Smith- 24
  8. Robert Thornton- 20

This particular statistic gives Bobby George’s old adage: ‘Scoring for show, doubles for dough’, far greater credence! Dave Chisnall tops the 180 chart at the half-way mark, but after recording the worst checkout percentage of all ten competitors, Chizzy was eliminated alongside his St Helen’s compatriot Michael Smith, who hit, by his prolific standards, a surprisingly low 24 maximums.

Michael van Gerwen trails Chisnall by just two maximums, whilst world champion Gary Anderson has hit a total of 32 180’s. Phil Taylor, who is not regarded for his prolific maximum hitting, already has 30 to his name so far along with Peter Wright, whilst Adrian Lewis and Raymond van Barneveld trail just behind on 29 and 28 respectively.

Robert Thornton has hit just 20 maximums which is less than any other player, and this perhaps reflects why he also has the lowest tournament average. However, ‘The Thorn’ has improved in both regards during the last two weeks and he’ll be hoping to transfer this upturn in form into the second-half of the Premier League.

Number of Ton-Plus Averages:

  1. Michael van Gerwen & Phil Taylor- 7
  2. Gary Anderson- 6
  3. Raymond van Barneveld & Peter Wright- 5
  4. James Wade- 4
  5. Dave Chisnall- 3
  6. Adrian Lewis- 2
  7. Robert Thornton- 1
  8. Michael Smith- 0

Michael van Gerwen and Phil Taylor have both posted seven ton-plus averages in their nine matches thus far, and both failed to register a ton-plus average in week one. Gary Anderson has posted six ton-plus averages, whilst Raymond van Barneveld and Peter Wright trail just behind the leading trio in this regard.

Only Robert Thornton and Michael Smith have posted less ton-plus averages than Adrian Lewis, who trails league-leader Phil Taylor by just two points, whilst Dave Chisnall’s three 100+ plus averages failed to secure his safety. Michael Smith was unable to register a solitary ton-plus average, whilst James Wade has been the epitome of consistency, having recorded four averages of over 100 in this year’s campaign.

Total Ton-Plus Scores:

  1. Raymond van Barneveld- 264
  2. Gary Anderson- 259
  3. James Wade- 251
  4. Peter Wright- 248
  5. Phil Taylor- 232
  6. Adrian Lewis- 211
  7. Robert Thornton- 209
  8. Dave Chisnall- 205
  9. Michael van Gerwen- 186
  10. Michael Smith- 169

This particular statistic is extremely interesting. The obvious anomaly is Michael van Gerwen, who sits in ninth place in terms of total ton-plus scores. This in no-way reflects badly on ‘The Green Machine’ and his scoring power, as firstly; he has played less legs than the players higher than him, whilst he has hit considerably less tons than anyone else, because he has dealt primarily in 140’s and 180’s.

However, it does provide an accurate insight into the consistency shown by the likes of Van Barneveld, Anderson, Wade and Wright. Van Barneveld sits in seventh position in the Premier League table, yet he’s hit more ton-plus scores and more 140’s than any other player. Anderson, Wade & Wright are also 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively in terms of 140’s hit.

Barring the presence of Van Gerwen, three out of the bottom four players in terms of ton-plus scores hit, were the bottom three after the conclusion of week nine. Michael Smith has hit less 140’s than any other player, but Adrian Lewis is surprisingly in 9th position in regards to scores of 140+ recorded.

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