Pete Dyos suspended by DRA following alleged Paralympics comments


Pete Dyos has been suspended by the Darts Regulation Authority following an alleged tweet he posted in regards to the Paralympics earlier this week. Dyos, a PDPA member who currently competes on the PDC’s Challenge Tour, has been suspended with immediate effect.

The tweet in question, posted by Dyos on Wednesday evening, read: “Just when you think TV can’t get any worse… The div Olympics starts.”

The PDC published a statement on their website on Friday morning, saying: “Following a comment made on social media by Pete Dyos, a PDPA Associate Member who competes on the PDC’s Challenge Tour, the Darts Regulation Authority has suspended the player with immediate effect and will launch an investigation.”

Nevertheless, Dyos apologised unreservedly for his conduct on Thursday. He said: “Morning Twitter world, yesterday I said something that was out of order, was a joke that went too far and didn’t mean to offend to anyone. I have family and friends with disabilities/illness and have lost my own mother due to tragedy, anyone who is and was offended I’m sorry.”


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  1. Always sorry after the misdemeanour, should’ve thought about it before typing it, makes it worse if you do infact have family that suffer, hang your head in shame and crawl in a hole and cover it!

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