Colin Lloyd recovering after being struck down by deadly infection

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Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Former world number one Colin Lloyd has revealed that he became a “quivering heap” after being struck down by the life-threatening condition of sepsis. In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mirror, Lloyd, 43, revealed that the infection was brought on by a bout of pneumonia, which he was completely unaware of having.

Lloyd revealed: “All of a sudden I really started shivering and felt absolutely freezing, even my teeth were chattering. I went back to bed and pulled on extra blankets. Being a typical bloke I thought I’d just sweat it out. I was drifting in and out of sleep and my wife Carol kept taking my temperature , it was 39.7.”

Lloyd has visited Colchester’s Castle Park on the preceding day with his wife Carol, and when he returned he felt unwell. He was still suffering with similar symptoms 24 hours later, therefore decided to visit Colchester’s walk-in medical centre.

Upon examination, ‘Jaws’ was immediately transferred to Colchester General Hospital’s accident and emergency medical department.

He told the Daily Mirror: “After two minutes they whacked me on a table and put a line into me. They didn’t muck about, they got onto it straight away, and put an oxygen mask on me. I was a little bit incoherent. There was a doctor with me within seconds taking my pulse, checking my heartbeat.”

Lloyd, a diabetic who suffers with asthma, had complained of a cough throughout the summer, although he believed this was down to dust within the area. Nevertheless, he was diagnosed as having pneumonia, which subsequently triggered the sepsis.

Sepsis often occurs through injury, and doctors initially believed Lloyd may have had cuts or bruises which triggered the condition, although sepsis can kick in when your body is fighting any type of infection.

The former major winner admits he was extremely relieved that his illness was treated quickly, due to the potentially fatal repercussions.

He added: “Your body starts shutting down, your white blood cells are charging like the light brigade to fight the infection. They caught it early enough. I dread to think about what it would have done to me.”

The former world number one spent two nights in A&E, before being transferred to Langham Ward, where he spent a further two days before returning home last Thursday. Lloyd, who still competes regularly on the exhibition circuit, has understandably pulled out of upcoming commitments in order to recuperate.

Lloyd claimed that the infection resulted in him becoming a “quivering heap”, and he urged others to seek help if they feel they are suffering with possible symptoms. “A five-year-old boy could have pushed me over. If anybody feels they have got possible symptoms, don’t muck around, see a doctor or go to the Walk-in Centre.”

The former World Matchplay and World Grand-Prix champion opted not to compete on the PDC circuit in 2016 having lost his tour card. He had fallen out of the world’s top 64 and decided not to enter Q-School, although he didn’t completely dismiss the possibility of returning to competitive PDC action in the future.

Lloyd is one of the PDC greats, having won two major titles, a further 12 PDC ranking events, whilst also spending 18 months as world number one. Nevertheless more importantly, he is a wonderfully popular character and a fantastic ambassador for the sport of Darts. Get well soon Colin!

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