2019 PDC UK Qualifying School – Entries Confirmed!

Reigning BDO world champion Glen Durrant will be among the 397 players bidding to win a PDC Tour Card in Wigan from January 17-20, after the entries for 2019 PDC UK Qualifying School were confirmed on Tuesday afternoon.

A total of 19 PDC Tour Cards will be on offer at the Robin Park Tennis Centre, with the final two players on each of the four days winning an automatic PDC Tour Card. Players will also earn ranking points per victory in each full round of the event, which will be used to form the UK Q-School Order of Merit, from which the top 11 players will win Tour Cards.

There are a host of established stars bidding to return to the Pro Tour in 2019, with three-time world champion John Part leading the list of competitors. Former Players Championship Finals winner and 2004 world finalist Kevin Painter will also be in attendance, after dropping out of the world’s top 64 for the first time in his PDC career.

Former Premier League stars Andy Hamilton and Wes Newton- who both lost out in the preliminary-round at the recent BDO World Championship, are attempting to return to the PDC circuit, while former ranking event winners Jamie Caven, Andy Jenkins and Joe Murnan also feature in this year’s field.

2008 World Championship finalist Kirk Shepherd is competing alongside Colin Osborne, Barrie Bates, Richie Burnett and Mark Walsh- all of whom have appeared in PDC televised finals. Recent UK Open semi-finalists David Pallett and Andrew Gilding are also bidding to reclaim their places on the Pro Tour circuit.

Nevertheless, there’s a strong contingent of BDO stars looking to cross the darting divide and they’re led by Glen Durrant, who clinched his third successive Lakeside title on Sunday, to become the first man since the late Eric Bristow MBE to win three consecutive BDO World Championship titles.

Durrant defeated two-time Lakeside champion Scott Waites in Sunday’s finale, and the 2010 Grand Slam of Darts champion is also set to feature in Wigan. Durrant and Waites will be joined by 2018 Grand Slam of Darts participants Mark McGeeney and Jim Williams- currently ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively in the BDO system.

Former Development Tour winner Dean Reynolds is another BDO star who will compete in Wigan, alongside David Cameron, Daniel Day, Scott Baker, Kyle McKinstry, Mark McGrath and Conan Whitehead, who all appeared at Frimley Green last week.

Former Lakeside women’s world champions Lisa Ashton and Anastasia Dobromyslova, who memorably competed in last month’s PDC World Championship, headline a strong list of female entrants. Ashton has won four of the last six women’s titles at Lakeside, whilst Dobromyslova is the only female player to have competed in two separate PDC World Championships.

Three-time UK Open qualifier Deta Hedman- the winner of over 130 ranking titles- will be joined by recent Lakeside runner-up Lorraine Winstanley, as well as former world finalists Fallon Sherrock and Corrine Hammond.

There’s also set to be an international flavour at this year’s Q-School, featuring four players who starred at the Alexandra Palace over Christmas. These include’s Brazil’s Diogo Portela, Hong Kong’s Royden Lam, India’s Nitin Kumar and American ace Chuck Puleo. The full list of entries can be viewed below.

Photo Credit: Tip Top Pics/Chris Sargeant

UK Qualifying School Entries
Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan

Carl Abbiss
Jerry Abbott
Lance Adams
Robert Adnams
David Adshead
David Airey
Cameron Anderson
Craig Anderson
Lisa Ashton
Dave Askew
Jason Askew
Martin Atkins (Leeds)
Martin Atkins (Wigan)
Daniel Ayres
Matthew Bacon
Richard Baillie
Jamie Bain
Scott Baker
Mark Barilli
Jamie Barrowman
Chas Barstow
James Barton
Barrie Bates
Tom Baughan
Max Baulcomb
Mark Baxter
Sean Bell
Christopher Bent
Darren Beveridge
Gary Blades
Nathan Boon
Sam Booth
William Borland
Philip Borthwick
Andy Boulton
John Bowles
Martin Bradbury
Kenneth Bramall
Derek Brand
Shaun Bridle
Rachel Brooks
Justin Broton
Anthony Brown
Darron Brown
Paul Brown
John Bryan
Lee Bryant
Lee Budgen
Adam Bull
Joshua Burksfield
Richie Burnett
Ben Burton
Stephen Burton
Mitch Butler
David Calvert
David Cameron
Aidan Campbell
Robert Canham
Sam Cankett
Phil Canty
Nathan Careless
Gavin Carlin
Francis Carragher
Shaun Carroll
Anthony Carter
Keith Carter
Aaron Castagnette
Jamie Caven
Andy Chalmers
Spencer Chapman
Aaron Chapple
Matt Clark
Ricky Clarke
Brett Claydon
Rob Clayton
Jake Clifford
John Cockburn
Jarred Cole
Tony Cole
Reece Colley
Robert Collins
Frankie Collopy
Stuart Comerford
William Cook
Jacob Cooksey
Richard Corner
Derek Coulson
Gary Court
Daniel Cox
Jordan Crabtree
Sam Cromwell
Logan Crooks
Zak Cross
John Crossley
Paul Croucher
Jason Cullen
Mark Cullen
Scott Dale
Scott Darbyshire
Antony Darlow
John Davey
Ben Davies
Darren Davies
Rhys Davies
Joe Davis
Paul Dawkins
Daniel Day
Matthew Dennant
Nathan Derry
Marc Dewsbury
Jack Dickinson
Anastasia Dobromyslova
Brian Doran
Kevin Dowling
Cameron Doyle
Dylan Duo
Glen Durrant
Stuart Dutton
Tony Dyke
Ritchie Edhouse
Dafydd Edwards
David Edwards
Kevin Edwards
Richie Edwards
Brad Ellis
Mark Esposito
David Evans
Kieran Evans
Lee Evans
Steve Evans
Dale Everett
George Fawcett
Michael Feasey
Steven Ferguson
Dean Finn
Peter Fisher
Allan Fitzpatrick
Andrew Foster
Wayne France
Callum Francis
Mark Frost
Nick Fullwell
Adam Gallett
Matt Gallett
Billy Gallie
Stephen Gallimore
Kevin Garcia
Barry Gardner
George Gardner
Jonathan Gardner
Keith Geraghty
Glenn Gibson
John Gibson
Craig Gilchrist
Andrew Gilding
Kris Glass
Andrew Glover
Adrian Gray
Oliver Green
Robbie Green
Thomas Gregory
Rhys Griffin
Shaun Griffiths
Jamie Guilfoyle
John Guy
Rees Hall
Brian Hallas
Andy Hamilton
Carl Hamilton
Corrine Hammond
Curtis Hammond
Dan Hand
Paul Hanvidge
Ricky Harding
Stephen Harradine
Michael Harrison
Kelvin Hart
Christopher Harvey
Rhys Hayden
Lee Hayes
Deta Hedman
Jamie Henry
Darren Herewini
Jonathan Hewitt
Sam Hewson
Mark Hickey
Ash Hilditch
Steve Hine
Aaron Holdstock
Ashley Holgate
Paul Holloway
Ryan Hope
Richie Howson
Adam Huckvale
Brian Hudson
Jamie Hughes
Sam Hunter
Michael Huntley
Ian Hurley
Andy Hutchings
Dean Hyde
Peter Jacques
Andy Jenkins
Dafydd Jenkins
Paul Jenkinson
Nick Jennings
Prakash Jiwa
Sonny Johal
Darren Johnson
Christopher Jones
Leighton Jones
Ryan Jones
Ian Jopling
Sean Jowers
Jon Jukes
Stuart Kellett
James Kempster
Ricky King
Aden Kirk
Veljko Knezevic
Nitin Kumar
David Ladley
Ting Chi Royden Lam
Jamie Landon
Kevin Lane
John Large
Daniel Lauby
Mark Lawrence
James Lawson
Daniel Lee
Ka Ho Leung
Ian Lever
John Lieber
Teng Shia Lim
Tommy Lishman
Colin Littlecott
Tom Lonsdale
Callum Loose
Eddie Lovely
Thomas Lovely
Martin Lukeman
Barry Lynn
Patrick Lynskey
Kenneth MacNeil
Jack Main
Jon Mansell
Jason Marriott
Shaun Matthews
Daniel Maystone
Michael McBain
Michael Mccloskey
Kevin Mcdonnell
Ian McFarlane
Mark McGeeney
Andre Luke McGill
Mark McGrath
Shane McGuirk
Lewis McGurn
Jim McKevitt
Kyle McKinstry
Jimmy McKirdy
Stephen McNally
Ian Meaker
Liam Meek
Cameron Menzies
Chris Millward
Peter Mitchell
Tony Mitchell
Barry Morgan
Craig Morgan
Joe Murnan
Jason Murphy
Ryan Murray
Coni Nagi
Eikichi Nakanishi
Terry Nash
Paul Neate
Andy Neocleous
Dion Newman
Wes Newton
Kelvin Nixon
Dean Norman
Andrew Northcott
Mike Norton
Martin O’Boyle
Damien O’Driscoll
Keith O’Neill
Colin Osborne
Dean Owen
Matt Padgett
Kevin Painter
Joey Palfreyman
David Pallett
Ryan Palmer
Dyson Parody
John Part
David Patterson
Adam Paxton
Reece Pearse
Darren Penhall
Paul Phillips
Chris Pick
Darryl Pilgrim
Darren Place
Diogo Portela
Mario Portela
John Power
Andrew Poynton
Martin Pratt
Simon Preston
Lewis Pride
Dave Prins
Chuck Puleo
Christopher Quantock
Craig Quinn
Rohit Rabadia
Nathan Rafferty
Paul Redfern
Dean Reynolds
Nathan Richards
Robert Rickwood
Ross Rimmer
Reece Robinson
Keith Rooney
Paul Rowley
Sean Ryan
Callan Rydz
Roger Scrivens
Ronald Seddon
Jaikob Selby-Rivas
Adam Shanks
Kirk Shepherd
Fallon Sherrock
Kevin Simm
Joe Singleton
Damian Smith
Dennis Smith
Gavin Smith
James Smith
Justin Smith
Lee Smith
Steven Smith
Adam Stella
Aaron Stevens
Evander Stevenson
David  Stokell
Stuart Stubbs
Hideyuki Sugita
Scott Sutton
Simon Tate
David Taylor
Scott Taylor
Ciaran Teehan
William Thexton
Kevin Thomas
Martin Thomas
Robert Thomson
Vince Tipple
Mick Todd
Stephen Tompkins
Scott Towers
Nathan Treadgold
Martyn Turner
Chris Vaughan
Wayne Wadsworth
Scott Waites
Jim Walker
Paul Walker
Brandon Walsh
Darren Walsh
Mark Walsh
Richie Walsh
Harry Ward
Chris Ware
Kerry Way
Chris White
Conan Whitehead
Mike Whitehead
Grant Whittaker
Carl Wilkinson
Brad Williams
Darren Williams
Jim Williams
Lee Williams
Marc Williams
Paul Williams
Ricky Williams
David Wilson
Jason Wilson
Stu Wilson
Lorraine Winstanley
Ian Withers
Gary Witty
Terry Wood
James Woodhouse
Brian Woods
Jonathan Worsley

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