Gary Anderson set for return from injury!

Two-time world champion Gary Anderson will resume his 2019 season at next week’s Players Championship double-header in Barnsley.

‘The Flying Scotsman’ has competed in just three events since last year’s World Championship, after suffering with a multitude of injury problems. He struggled at the Alexandra Palace and was forced to withdraw from the Masters and the Premier League due to a twisted spine.

Anderson made his return at the UK Open in March, but his title defence came to a premature end as he slipped to a fourth round defeat against Steve Beaton, despite averaging 99.92.

The world number three also competed in Players Championships 7 & 8 a fortnight later, but he only claimed the solitary victory across the weekend. That remains Anderson’s last competitive appearance, as his recovery has since been hampered by a bout of tennis elbow.

The two-time Premier League winner has competed in a handful of exhibitions this year, but speaking to Live Darts TV earlier this month, Anderson admitted: “I just want to get back playing, but until I get these elbows sorted out, it’s going to be a struggle.

“Hopefully over the next month or so we can get it sorted out and get back onto it. I might have to go down the hard route and get the injections, which I don’t want to do.”I like to try and get rid of things myself, but if I’ve got to get them done, I’ve got to get them done.”

Nevertheless, Anderson is among the list of entrants for Players Championships 13 & 14 which take place on Tuesday and Wednesday next week, and his manufacturer Unicorn confirmed that he will be competing at the Barnsley Metrodome over the coming days.

Photo Credit: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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