Gerwyn Price wins legal dispute against elderly neighbour

Gerwyn Price has been granted permission to continue building a practice room in his garden, after winning a legal battle against his elderly neighbour.

Mary Smith, 89, complained to Caerphilly council about a practice room Price is having built in his back garden, alleging that she was forced to put up with late night drinking and excess noise from the Grand Slam champion’s house.

Smith’s son Jeffrey, 59, claimed that the building works had caused ‘major disruption’ and added that damage to a retaining wall would cost over £5,000 to repair due to the serious risk of collapse.

Smith, whose mother lives next-door to the 34-year-old in Markham, insisted that the world number three had displayed ‘total disregard’ to his mother’s property, claiming that she was also forced to put up with ‘late night drinking and people urinating over her wall’.

“My mother has lived at the property for 60 years and never had any trouble,” said Mr Smith. “But since this has happened, I have had to endure my mother crying on a weekly basis.”

Nevertheless, according to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, those claims were emphatically refuted by Price, who was given the green light to proceed with his building work.

“This whole debate is not about the outhouse, it is about the wall which I said I would replace,” said the Welshman. “As for the issues about noise, it is not true. I use this for my livelihood as a practice room.”

Planning officers advised Caerphilly council that the dispute over the boundary wall was a civil matter covered by separate laws and they have approved Price’s plans, which also includes building a 1.8 metre high fence to protect privacy.

Price, who has drawn his opening three Premier League games against Rob Cross, Michael Smith and Daryl Gurney respectively, will be in Pro Tour action in Wigan this weekend, before he takes on world champion Peter Wright on Night Four of the Premier League in Dublin this Thursday.

Photo Credit: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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